FFL Transfer

Out of State Transfers

This form is to be filled out by the person receiving the firearm from out of state, not the person or dealer who is shipping the firearm.

We will receive firearms from FFL dealers or individuals. We will only ship firearms out to FFL dealers or manufacturers. Individuals shipping in firearms for transfer MUST include a LEGIBLE copy of their state driver’s license or state ID.  Firearm will not be transferred to purchaser without this information.

Person who purchases and pays for the firearm must be the same person to pick-up the firearm from Pintos. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Anyone who transfers in a firearm must provide a valid Washington State drivers license or Washington State ID at the time of pick-up. ID must have current physical address on front, or purchaser must provide government issued document with current physical address and name. NO EXCEPTIONS.

In the event of a DENIAL on the background check, firearm will be sent back to the shipper at customer’s expense. NO EXCEPTIONS.  If the firearm was shipped by an FFL dealer, it will be returned only to that dealer. If the firearm was shipped by an individual, it must be returned to an FFL dealer in the shipper’s state. Additional fees may apply.


Our transfer fee is $30.00 per firearm. Washington State requires we collect sales tax on the purchase price or fair market value on all inbound firearm transfers involving an out of state FFL dealer. Copy of invoice required or we will assess a fair market value. We are not required to collect sales/use tax on transfers involving two unlicensed individuals (non FFL Dealers) either interstate on in-state.  Firearms being shipped by an FFL dealer but purchased from an individual require a statement from the shipping dealer identifying this as a private sale.

Any firearms left over 60 days without authorization from Pinto’s will be considered abandoned and sold on consignment at fair market value. Our consignment fee is 15% of final sale price. Abandoned guns may also be subject to a storage fee of $100 per month minimum.

PLEASE DO NOT COME INTO THE STORE TO SEE IF YOUR GUN HAS ARRIVED!!  We will call once your gun is unpacked, processed into our system, and ready for pickup.  Even if you have a tracking number and it shows that it has arrived it may not be processed into our system and ready for pickup.