Private Party Transfers

We will facilitate the transfer of firearms between private individuals provided the following policies/regulations are met.

Seller may bring firearm into Pinto’s Gun Shop during regular business hours. Buyer and seller CANNOT inspect firearm, exchange monies, or otherwise conduct a firearm transaction in our shop. Buyer cannot pick up firearm until the next business day or later.

Transfer fee is $30.00 per firearm (serial numbered item). For transfers between two unlicensed individuals (non-FFL dealers), Washington State sales tax is not collected. For transfers involving an FFL dealer and a private individual in Washington State, we are required to collect sales tax on the purchase price or fair market value of the firearm. Bill of sale may be required.

Seller must leave firearm with Pinto’s until results of buyers background check are provided by either ATF or local law enforcement agency.

In the event of a denied background check, all fees are non-refundable.

If buyer receives a denial, seller must fill out a 4473 and complete all required state and/or federal background checks in order for the firearm to be returned to their possession. Seller will be charged an additional $30 transfer fee.

If seller is denied, seller will not be able to retain possession of firearm, and it will not be turned over to any other person. NO EXCEPTIONS per state and federal law. Seller must then enter into a consignment contract with Pinto’s Gun Shop for a fee of 15% of sale price of firearm.

If seller or buyer have any other questions, please call and ask BEFORE bringing firearm into our shop.  Once the firearm is logged into our system, all of the above polices will go into effect, NO EXCEPTIONS.